Sunday, December 30, 2007

on to the next-

valentine inchies.

day late and a dollar short.

this is what it has come to in jewish xmasville. a nine inch plug in tree. don't get me wrong; i gave it my best shot this year. got the very last tree at the boyscout lot. and all that dry deadness for a mere $40. brought it home, chopped off another foot and put it in the tree stand. put three ornaments on it and my home made out of a cheesy xmas tablecloth tree skirt (thanks h)
that night the cat dumped it over (thanks ted) and i hauled it outside where it still sits, tree stand, three ornaments and all. i'm tellin' ya sibyl and rose were right. jews were not meant to celebrate christmas. on to the next. i'm busy making valentines today.

Friday, December 21, 2007

i love, love, love christmas!

why? no highway traffic on the way to work! i know i should be taking the metrolink, but i'm just sayin'...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

never mind~

i think my first brush with aging in earnest came about 15 years ago when i innocently asked one of my co-workers if he remembered where he was when kennedy was shot (4th grade, taking a spelling test) to which he replied, "i wasn't born yet." ahhh...i'm not hung up about aging; you can know how old i am- 52, practically 53 and there are some things about it that are actually good-like i sorta don't care what anyone thinks of me and some other stuff that for the moment has escaped me. thankfully, i am in a field where i would definitely know if i was catching it (alzheimer's) so even these frequent, momentary lapses don't bother me. in fact, here are some things i honestly forgot to post. 1) i watched version one and version two of the imitation of life and i think y'all should too. it is great! seriously fab fashion in the lana turner version. 2) our chanukah party from this year. amazing how you can get grown adults to put these party hats on. anyway it was fun and oily. just as it shoulda been.
but back to aging and never mind any of the above-the most startling aspect to date is the demise of the eyebrows. seriously, it is serious. i noticed the other day, and trust me i don't look at any part of myself very often, that there is one spot on the right one that is flat gone! so, i now have this.
if you have anything that you use in this department that is tried and true, let me know. and finally, what's a nice jewish girl doing with all this christmas stuff. honestly, i didn't even make a dent in it this year. i'm thinking "christmas in july."

Monday, December 17, 2007

pretty much~

last week, i boldly asked my kids if they thought i was boring...i won't bore you with the details but the answer was pretty much a resounding "yes." in a way, they may be right (but they didn't have to tell me the truth) because pretty much, this is all i do, work, kraft and knit. love ya girlz! m

Thursday, December 13, 2007


this photo does not even begin to do these scarves justice! heidi,
lesley and i crafted each other a scarf-these are felted, knitted, cabled etc. more fab than the law allows-each one! can't decide which one to wear today. best swap ever.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

not quitting my day job~

yikes-these things took me all day! love that new tim holtz crackle paint, specially the pink. for a tag swap...