Friday, August 24, 2007

a lovely pic of 2 of the kids-

dutch elm disease rears its ugly head in our front yard. but great photo op!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

ick, ick and ick~

this roving creeps me out so bad (even the word creeps me out) that i could not even artfully arrange this photo, spite of this fact, i got the itch to just give this needle felting a little try and this entire package of multi-colored ickiness was 30% off at hancock fabrics, so i decided- ah what the heck. (touching this stuff could be like facing my fear of roller coasters or making it thru an mri of my brain, only way easier.) hancock fabrics is another ick of the ickiness equation here. that place is a pit! i swear they may have had a merchandising or display person in their employ at some point in time, but i think he/she was canned back in the 70s. not only is it dirtier than dirty in there but it just keeps getting worse and worse and worse as one wends their way to the back of the store. by the time one gets to the yarn/ribbon "department" it looks like someone took the stock and just heaved it in a general direction. you know how you just sort of know when you have gone to a place for the last time?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

a-z inchie swaparama~

Look how fun! Thanks for being a fab swap co- host Linda! B

Sunday, August 12, 2007

fab 50s atc

well, it was either this notable invention or you know- the day of my birth...thanks red lead for hosting!

Friday, August 10, 2007

something like murphy's law.

after one has lived say, 52 years or so, they start to notice a pattern- like the minute you get 20 extra bucks and you think you may be able to go to red lead and just blow it, something comes up instantly. so let's see, this month, with my little paycheck from my little p/t job i get to pay to have a dead tree chopped down and oh yeah did i mention that yesterday i had a flat tire? the tire had only 7 (that's right, 7) nails in it, so i got to buy 2 new tires as well. and lisa, just so you know, i got the black.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

some of you may not know this-

but there are certain things that jews do and certain things that they don't do- for example- with the exception of sandy koufax, jews do not play professional sports and as a rule, jewish men cannot fix anything- cars, household stuff--none of that. jews don't ride motorcycles or paint other people's get the picture. so the fact that my father sold motorcycles and midas mufflers for a living- well this makes him, you know... a total anomaly. my grandmother could never wrap her brain around that. even tho he made a good living she would always say, "paul is at the office." i can tell you, paul was at the shop, with the other motorcycle dudes. both of my brothers ride motorcycles too...oy! and jon, pictured here, is a carpenter. like that is his living- not his hobby. what a bunch of jewish nutskis!
i, on the other hand, get a tad claustro with a helmet on and unfortunately have these miniature legs so I couldn't balance the bike anyway- i have chosen more jewish pursuits like helping people and making stuff. so there you go, now you know.