Sunday, August 5, 2007

some of you may not know this-

but there are certain things that jews do and certain things that they don't do- for example- with the exception of sandy koufax, jews do not play professional sports and as a rule, jewish men cannot fix anything- cars, household stuff--none of that. jews don't ride motorcycles or paint other people's get the picture. so the fact that my father sold motorcycles and midas mufflers for a living- well this makes him, you know... a total anomaly. my grandmother could never wrap her brain around that. even tho he made a good living she would always say, "paul is at the office." i can tell you, paul was at the shop, with the other motorcycle dudes. both of my brothers ride motorcycles too...oy! and jon, pictured here, is a carpenter. like that is his living- not his hobby. what a bunch of jewish nutskis!
i, on the other hand, get a tad claustro with a helmet on and unfortunately have these miniature legs so I couldn't balance the bike anyway- i have chosen more jewish pursuits like helping people and making stuff. so there you go, now you know.


lindaharre said...

Another smile:):):):):) I love your humor!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heidi said...

hey, jesus was a jew and he was a carpenter!


kel said...

that is a lovely picture of you mom
it makes me proud to call myself your daughter

jmay said...

OK, I am making it offical and no longer just being a blog stalker. This just made me laugh out loud!

MB Shaw said...

Hilarious. I snorted my coffee.