Sunday, August 17, 2008

finally, something blogworthy~

actually, this isn't the only notable thing that has happened since May, but close to...
so, on friday with a sick kid in the bed at home (all 4 wisdom pulled hours earlier) I trotted off to the DMV to get my new (ugly, wondering who the heck designed this one) MO license plates. i decided that if the line was too long, i would just leave. well, now comes the blogworthy part- there was a dmv employee at the counter with no one in her line. you got it, i walked right up- first in line. not only that, but the worker was pleasant. i had my plates in 3 minutes. def under 5. i could have kissed that dmv employee and i told her so.
i would have posted a picture of a tag i just made, but now that i have decided to get back to this, the scanner is misbehaving.