Friday, March 30, 2007

starting to spaz...

first of all, i think when i use that word, i am really dating myself... we used spaz which isn't totally politically correct, back in the late 60s or early 70s. but back then, no one really thought about that. at any rate, that is how i feel. i wonder how many days off i would need in order to feel as though i was "getting it all done?" whatever that means. so, this is my last day off for spring break and i still have a mental list about a mile long. this is when i start to panic and bing bong around the house like i'm in a human pinball machine and pretty much get nothing done. and another thing- have you ever felt like, if you look at one more taupe, mushroom, tan, ecru or beige thing, particularly in home decor, you will just die? so, in an effort to step out of the box- i bought these fab towels at target. taupe and aqua! i'm wondering if this might be my second middle age crisis... or just an inordinate amount of hormones. so today i am going to finish my cupcake quilt, see kelly get her driver's permit (yay!), wash these towels, buy some gold beads to go with these turquoise ones (thank you colleen and emily), make some easter tags, clean the kave, and maybe use ted's example and take a little rest- nice photo kel. oh yeah, and here is a little book i made about the birds and the bees...and, i almost forgot-you can leave a comment now- i fixed the settings.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

signs of spring and oh yeah~etsy

asparagus and flipflops at old navy-2 sure signs... and oh yeah, this etsy thing...this flap hat or something like it, could be my first item. or perhaps the felted purse with the huge wooden button that has no home, or some fab tags...i'm pondering, sharon. but first i am going to target to get this drop leaf table that is on sale. spring has sprung!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

i know you're out there...

this whole blog thing...just when i think it's time to ditch it, something happens- like this morning when jerry r. (love ya jerry) the husband of my sunday morning walking pal, told me that he looks at my blog and he even knew that i have this new one...i see that the counter is past 25, so it looks like people might actually give a hoot about what i'm up to. anyway, here are photos of some stuff i have been making and of course, one of the cat-
this purple sweater is called an einstein coat (e=mc2 a go go) and i figured out that it is a work of genius because there is like no finishing work. it weighs a ton, but you just keep adding on the various parts- so cool. and the quilt-oy, i have no idea what i'm doing as you can see... there is no rhyme or reason to any of it. but, i am successfully using a ruler and measuring stuff. definitely the hi-lite of the weekend.
so this is what i have been up to. thanks for stopping in- especially you, jerry.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Thursday, March 1, 2007

word for the day-

omphaloskepsis (om-fuh-lo-SKEP-sis) noun

Contemplation of one's navel.

[From Greek omphalos (navel) + skepsis (act of looking, examination).
Ultimately from the Indo-European root spek- (to observe) which is
also the ancestor of suspect, spectrum, bishop (literally, overseer),
despise, espionage, telescope, spectator, and spectacles.]