Wednesday, August 22, 2007

ick, ick and ick~

this roving creeps me out so bad (even the word creeps me out) that i could not even artfully arrange this photo, spite of this fact, i got the itch to just give this needle felting a little try and this entire package of multi-colored ickiness was 30% off at hancock fabrics, so i decided- ah what the heck. (touching this stuff could be like facing my fear of roller coasters or making it thru an mri of my brain, only way easier.) hancock fabrics is another ick of the ickiness equation here. that place is a pit! i swear they may have had a merchandising or display person in their employ at some point in time, but i think he/she was canned back in the 70s. not only is it dirtier than dirty in there but it just keeps getting worse and worse and worse as one wends their way to the back of the store. by the time one gets to the yarn/ribbon "department" it looks like someone took the stock and just heaved it in a general direction. you know how you just sort of know when you have gone to a place for the last time?


heidi said...

ten years ago i was the merchandising person (aka, fabric girl) at a (now defunct) hancock fabrics. those stores have always been the pits.

i won't suggest a foray into a joann's fabrics, then, beck, because they tend to be even worse.

jackman's is fine, but pricey. what i wouldn't give for a fine, well-organized, up-to-date, chic fabric store. maybe we should take a road trip to shy-town or the big apple?


heidi said...

p.s. the roving is great...hairy, but great!

me again.

wendy said...

I have just received wonderful canvas full of inchies it is absolutely fab thanks so much for all your work. Looking forward to seeing results of felting.

Linda said...

I had that feeling the last time I went to the Kirkwood Imos. Then when the news came out about that horrible man that worked there, it was the final ICK for me.