Wednesday, December 19, 2007

never mind~

i think my first brush with aging in earnest came about 15 years ago when i innocently asked one of my co-workers if he remembered where he was when kennedy was shot (4th grade, taking a spelling test) to which he replied, "i wasn't born yet." ahhh...i'm not hung up about aging; you can know how old i am- 52, practically 53 and there are some things about it that are actually good-like i sorta don't care what anyone thinks of me and some other stuff that for the moment has escaped me. thankfully, i am in a field where i would definitely know if i was catching it (alzheimer's) so even these frequent, momentary lapses don't bother me. in fact, here are some things i honestly forgot to post. 1) i watched version one and version two of the imitation of life and i think y'all should too. it is great! seriously fab fashion in the lana turner version. 2) our chanukah party from this year. amazing how you can get grown adults to put these party hats on. anyway it was fun and oily. just as it shoulda been.
but back to aging and never mind any of the above-the most startling aspect to date is the demise of the eyebrows. seriously, it is serious. i noticed the other day, and trust me i don't look at any part of myself very often, that there is one spot on the right one that is flat gone! so, i now have this.
if you have anything that you use in this department that is tried and true, let me know. and finally, what's a nice jewish girl doing with all this christmas stuff. honestly, i didn't even make a dent in it this year. i'm thinking "christmas in july."


heidi said...

you are cracking me up this a.m., dear becky! you are the hippest, coolest gal i know and i have never thought of you as anything other than young and fresh...and i'm not even being sarcastic!

the fam on chanukah looks devine! i like how jerry is suspiciously missing from the pic.

and on the eyebrow front? i use bare esscentuals brow powder. it's great.


Angelica smelica said...


I love you just the way you eyebrow or two eyebrows....You are a great lady!

Funny as hell..

love, Angelica

lindaharre said...

Nothing BORING HERE!!! You are So Funny:D Thanks for putting ANOTHER smile on my face:D