Sunday, December 30, 2007

day late and a dollar short.

this is what it has come to in jewish xmasville. a nine inch plug in tree. don't get me wrong; i gave it my best shot this year. got the very last tree at the boyscout lot. and all that dry deadness for a mere $40. brought it home, chopped off another foot and put it in the tree stand. put three ornaments on it and my home made out of a cheesy xmas tablecloth tree skirt (thanks h)
that night the cat dumped it over (thanks ted) and i hauled it outside where it still sits, tree stand, three ornaments and all. i'm tellin' ya sibyl and rose were right. jews were not meant to celebrate christmas. on to the next. i'm busy making valentines today.


Susie said...

LOL....I luv your little holiday tree. You are the best!

heidi said...

that little tree is perfect! i love it the most.

AND...those girls of yours are simply the cutest!


JUST ME said...

I agree with the girls.....

On to the next Holiday V-Day....

I am digging your inchies.