Sunday, February 15, 2009

more random...

happy belated valentine's day. i made this heart thing at about 5 pm last night pretty much after it was all over but the crying. i was thinking of giving it to the bf, but he was so taken with the pikachu toothbrush that i decided that this would be like the ultimate xmas let down.
let's see- what else- a photo of the val party that i had last week. so fun to share all my stuff. funny how you can pass stuff out to 6 people and it still doesn't look like i've made a dent.
and of course another picture of the kids. too cute.
ta ta~ b


Linda said...

LOVE the heart thingy! very cool!

heidi said...

those kidz are cute! and that heart thingie is to die for!

lerve to the third power!

JUST ME said...

awwww to cute and wish I would have been at that party.... booo hooo.....