Friday, November 28, 2008

dear angela,

i hope you are happy and well. i am writing (even though you will not read this) to thank you for giving me kelly...for imagining a better or different life for her. there is no doubt that g-d puts people in your path for a reason. i know that i would not be who i am or where i am today, without you. so, thank you for giving me the ultimate gift. i am imagining that in your own way, you are wishing kelly a happy 18th birthday, just as i am. love, becky


heidi said...

that is a special message, becky!

happy belated b-day, kelly!

hugs & kisses to everyone!

Linda said...

beautiful tribute

JUST ME said...


YOU are wonderful!

Happy B-lated KEL!

Love yas,


sharon wisely said...

Love this!

lindaharre said...

You brought tears to my eyes!

susie said...

WOW! Sometimes it is so very apparent that God knows exactly what He is doing.