Sunday, February 24, 2008

more of the same.

when i stopped writing about a month ago, i actually had 2 people ask what had happened to me. i know, everyone thinks they are busy. i usually am not. but this month, i've been busy at work and thus too whipped to show off all the fabulousness i've been up to. here it is in a nutshell. shawnie turned 5! i went to like the 2nd baby shower of my life-you know, jews think all that preplanning and pre-gifting is bad luck. anyway, i made a layette, hooded towel, burp pad, hats, and a bib out of my new fave, cheap yarn, cotton-ease. and i got published in take ten. honestly, i can count on one hand all the times i have ever been published. once in 8th grade, once in the editorial section of the post and once in the wk times. that was my crowning glory. an entire letter full of me ranting and raving about the fact that they took the stop sign down at the cross walk across from the library. i heart small town life. anyway, i was so excited, i didn't even care that they spelled my name wrong.


Linda said...

WOO-HOO!! I can't wait to see the magazine! Congrats- your stuff is always tops, B! So glad to see what you've been up to - I've missed you!

Anonymous said...


You GO GIRL!!!!!! Can I have your autograph. Loved the card that they published. You are very creative and I love the way you create so freely......

Adorable baby stuff. Your the bomb. And little man looks happy at his party with all those gifties. I will write more later through e-mail.

Love Ya,

Angie...... No news on the job yet he did interview though last Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed for me girl.

JUST ME said...


Yes I am going home!


heidi said...

i can't believe i missed your being published! you are one accomplished woman!