Friday, January 11, 2008

do not try this at home.

ok, so the yarn i bought to make the pi shawl was as skinny as thread. then i tried to knit with metal double points, size six. i whined, i tried, i actually broke out into a sweat and then well, you know, i went and got the $60 dollar yarn that i really wanted off the shelf and went to town. it's actually a fun project after you get done alienating everyone at the table and acting a little like kids act when they get hungry or over tired. as i said, unless you are heidi, do not try this at home.


heidi said...

i admit...i did much better at home without any distractions. btw...i used cascade 220 (worsted weight) on size 7 double pointed bamboo needles. i'm no quitter, but i'm no dummy either!

your new yarn (albeit expensive yarn!) is to die for. good job, becky!


angelica said...

pls post a pic of what you create with your new yarn. I am fascinated with knitting, but I don't think that I am that patient or smart to really learn how to knit. Keep us updated.