Sunday, September 23, 2007

the week in review.

I bet you 4 or five regulars are thinking that my entire week has been just one big boring blur since the pickins have been slim in the new post department. Not so!! This week I finally bought a brush. Honestly, I haven't had one in probably 10-15 years. With short hair, who needs it? And unbeknownst to me when i picked this dandy out, it has a gel handle! Can you imagine? Another highlight was buying this Libman's mop which is the absolute best mop I have ever used. I swear, the floor feels different just from using this thing. Oh yeah and these ATCs are the best yet. To think I almost didn't participate. Thanks for hosting Red Lead.


heidi said...

a hairbrush and a mop? you're livin' on the edge girl!

and the atc's look marvelous!


angelica torrez said...

Okay so you know that I love sweeping and vacumming and actually sometimes mopping... Are you telling me I need to run not walk to get this mop???????