Sunday, April 15, 2007

oldest child syndrome or what?

jeez! you ever wonder why we do this to ourselves? have so many projects going that we can not breathe... and none of it matters. honestly, at the end of the day, no one is going to say, "wow, she made a lot of hats or blankets or atcs (!)" in fact, we all know that when we go, our kids are going to have a giant garage sale or fill up 5,000 trash bags with all this stuff. nonetheless, i continually do this to myself- even tho i am not a roller coaster rider, i suppose i enjoy the adrenalin rush that i get when there is one day left before i go back to work and i have a zillion things on the to do list. so here is a little science lecture- when cavemen were on the earth and say a wooly mammoth was in hot pursuit, the parasympathetic nervous system released adrenalin and cortisol so that he (it probably was he and not she) could fight or take flight. and it was short lived; either the cave guy fought off the mammoth, ran away from the mammoth or was killed. and then the hormone release would stop. but, nowadays our stresses are prolonged, worrying about the war, all the stuff we think we have to do (see above), getting on highway 40,, yep, you got it- the cortisol is being constantly released- we are always on "high alert" and that leads to more health issues than you can imagine. so, is this going to make any difference in my life today? probably not...i'll still make my atcs and knit the project linus blankie and the pink one that is for the sister of the bf of daughter #1- but, i think i will probably ditch the easter tags that i did not finish... p.s. does anyone know how to personalize the header thing of their blog- i want that charm bracelet photo to be up at the top.


Linda said...

Becky, love the hat. I understand about the stressing. But during the actual crafting of the item I stressed about crafting, I am relaxed and happy. Which reminds me of why I craft in the first place- which is to de-stress! This may be a vicious little circle here, but I MUCH prefer it to any other vicious little circle I could get myself into because at least in the middle there is peace.(Gee, I bet you found THAT helpful! Bottom line is, I think you're in good company!)

Michel said...

I do know just what you mean, Becky. Sitting down with a cup of coffee and a book will not do. Too many things I want to make. I have that does-it-really-matter feeling, as well. Yet, we are driven, aren't we?
But now that you've educated me about the cortisol, I'll start taking more deep breaths before I get started!

lindaharre said...

The hat is darling as are the girls!!!! Yea for WEBSTER!!! Yes, you are right....but I would like to come to your garage sale:):):) Tell Kelly to give me a ring....hee...hee! Glad to see you posting again.....we missed you! XXL.