Tuesday, February 27, 2007

like a knitted petit four...

this just looks like some fancy pastry to me. also, it's my new counter top-installed and everything! does anyone know where i can get a mannequin head thing- not styrofoam tho? oh yeah, and this is for heidi!


heidi said...

that is the most delicious confection i have ever seen and to know that is intended for makes me that much more excited!

you are such a dear friend, becky! thank you!


lindaharre said...

How darling........Heidi will look great in this:) Great counter-top! I want to see the floor though! Thanks for your comments.....I appreciate each and every one:)

Michel said...

I haven't seen any mannequin heads lately but I have seen wire hat stands at JIL Antique Shope/Flea Market on Main Street in St. Charles.
I'll be on the look out for a mannequin worthy of your creations!